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Artificial turf suitable for outdoor activities

Today, the degree of greening to become an important criterion for judging the quality of a local environment, green lawn is also an important environmental construction expenditure. With the rise of artificial lawn, many places tend to use this lawn for greening. So where is the artificial turf? What are the advantages of it in different application environments?

Artificial turf application environment: small green

Many residential areas have been used to replace the natural lawn Lawn Landscaping, this is not without reason. First of all, this kind of lawn simulation degree is high, can improve the environment, and more soft than the grass, more suitable for children and pets on the lawn to play and rest. In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of artificial turf is very simple, but also has good water permeability, both cost savings, but also to maintain a good ecosystem within the community.

Artificial turf application environment two: Road Greening

Artificial turf can also be applied to roads such as sidewalk greening. The lawn can play the function of the sign and the guard rail, can provide the prompt to the vehicle. In addition, green lawn can also play the role of dust and sound absorption, shock absorption, to a certain extent guarantee on both sides of the road are not dust and noise interference.

Artificial turf application environment three: Garden Greening

The courtyard as private territory, is of course that can create a undisturbed leisurely environment, but also can facilitate personal care. Artificial turf can meet this point. This lawn is both natural and environmentally friendly, but also eliminates the pruning, pest control and other heavy means of care, but also to build a small private space is not disturbed.

Artificial turf application environment four: vertical greening

Vertical greening is in the walls and buildings on the green, artificial turf is the most suitable for this green lawn. First, artificial turf can avoid the corrosion and destruction of the root system to the wall and the building. Second, once the artificial turf, relatively strong, will not be caused by wind and rain off. In addition, artificial turf can also sound insulation.